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Feb 5, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is February 5th my brother's birthday. He died in 1989 the way he came into this world.....in my mother's arms. We were 18 months apart and always fighting as siblings do but if anyone else touched him.......big sister was there to the rescue. He was a fiesty little fellow who, from the tender age of 11 months old was discovered that he had Sickle Cell Anemia. That didn't stop him one bit even though around each Christmas holiday, he was quite ill and always in the hospital in Galveston, where the doctors there were great to him all those years ago (1960's) They did their best though little was known about his disease.
David was my hero because no matter how aweful he felt and it was pretty bad most of the time, he didn't want to let it get him down. He always encouraged his hospital mates to hang in there, to fight no matter what.
Mom and I often think and speak about him. David was comical, hard working...when he could work, loving and sometimes as mean as a snake.....lol......but I loved him with all of my heart.
Happy Birthday little brother.......... I miss you lots..........from your big sister.


Jerri said...

Rhonda this is just the sweetest picture. Thanks for sharing.

swooze said...

Thinking of you....

MOLLY said...

You were both so darling as children. Rhonda--the more I know about you--the ore I love you.
I am so sorry you lost your brother.

Marie said...

Rhonda you and your brother are so sweet looking and I know how special brothers are.YOu were lucky to have each other through it all. I love you girlfriend. thanks for sharing.Hugs, Marie


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