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Jan 5, 2008

Round Robin Reveal

Our Round Robin group: L to R: Molly, Kathy, Cheryl, Debbie, Melissa and Rhonda. We had a fan-tabu-lous......lol.......time....what with trying to interpret what our instructions "really" meant, what we each were trying to figure out to do next, the e-mailing back and forth, the late nights, frayed nerves........they all turned out beyond all of our expectations..........However, none of us want to do this again any time soon! This is Kathy's. Her quilt is dedicated to her son Josh who is her hero.
This is Cheryl's. As you can see her theme was Christmas. The stockings have all her grandkids names on them plus an extra for the yet born one.
This is Debbie's. We used some Thimbleberries and Civil War fabrics to really make this quilt pop.
This is Molly's. Her theme is about she and her husband's ranch. She was quite pleased with the outcome. The picture doesn't even come close to the real thing.
This Melissa's. She owns a Retreat so her quilt reflects that.
This is my quilt. I had no idea of what I'd get with the center I provided but I am very happy with what I got back. I was experimenting with half square triangles at the time I made th center and loved the black swirly fabric.
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Kathy Wagner said...

WOW! You gals did an AMAZING job on the round robin quilts! Congratulations!

Sarah Nopp said...

I just signed up for a Round Robin- I am a bit nervous, but the organizor has made the rules nice and complex, and that is helping me focus a bit.
Now I just have to decide what my Center Bloks will be... Sasquatch? Banana Slug? Geoduck?
The smart-alecky choices are endless!


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