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Nov 30, 2007


Lookie here now! I just checked my luggage for the cruise.....Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't anyone tell you that I and 7 of my "wackiest" friends are goin on a cruise? Anyway, I was looking at all my buys for the cruise......clothing, jewelry, shoes, swimsuits, pusese, etc., etc., etc. Well I don't know how this happened but I think I've out spent the cost of the cruise on this stuff. But I'm still smiling! Notice the smile on my face...forced but it's there `~@-#}&)#(@_(!*~ Just yesterday me and a couple of girlfriends, who by the way are going on the cruise with me, went over to Tyler, TX to Dressin' Gaudy....that's a wonderful ladies dress shop and such. We had a blast, bought more stuff and a couple of surprises for our cabin mates but I'm not supposed to tell that. LOL They'll never find out...will they? Then it was on to two great quilt shops over there ...... "Sherman's" and "A Nimble Thimble". Of course we had to have fabric, there's never enough in our personal stashes. The day was great the company excellent but now I must stop myself from buying anymore stuff for the cruise.....unless it's absolutely necessary! Somebody stop me...........
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MOLLY said...

Surprises for your cabin mate? That would be me--what'd ya get me--huh--what'd ya get me? I can't wait to know--I am gonna bug ya until ya tell me--I really really am.

Karoda said...

Did I read somewhere that you're going on a cruise? ;) hahaha...

you've improved the appearance of your blog.


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