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Oct 8, 2007

Restaurant Woos

Today me and several of my Wacky buddies decided to me at one of our favorite jaunts...Gilberto's, for lunch. It was crowded for KE and I to a number and sat down to wait for a table and the rest of the group. Annie and KL showed up next. Annie went to the little girl's room and came back to wait. It was then that I decided to go next. The moment I walked into the little girl's room things started to go wrong. Upon entering the stall, the toilet flushed automaticly....scared me to death. Next the toilet paper roll thingy came tumbling out. I have never seen such a gigantic paper roll. When I put the soak in my hands to wash, the automaticly faucet wouldn't come on. I felt so silly standing there with soapy hands waving franticly under the faucet area to engage the sensor. Upon returning to the waiting area, I found that the group and already been seated......somewhere in the restaurant. I spend five minutes walking around looking for our table. Two waitresses came to my aid but they couldn't find my table either. Inspriation.................I took out my cellphone and dialed one of the girls (Annie). After laughing her head off while trying to guide me to the table and tell the others what was going on.....I found them by the laughter.....LOL The moral of this story......never leave the group and go off to fend for yourself. It could get ugly!

1 comment:

swooze said...

Would have scared me too. What a strange string of events. Good idea about the phone!


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