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May 26, 2007


Finally, I was able to place a video of something (the Hummer) on my blog. One of my "Wacky" friends wanted to know how I did it. Well let me tell you all before I forget. LOL 1. If you don't have a free accound with www.photobucket.com get on. 2. Now you're ready to begin. Photobucket gives you step by step instruction. So if I can do it....you can do it. 3. Follow those instructions and with in moments for you DSL luckies or 30 to 50 minutes for us unlucky gals.....your video will be loaded onto photobucket. 4. You will then copy the HTML....go back to your blog to the customizer/dashboard....in item.... paste to HTML and save. 5. View blog &........TaDa! There it is. I hope this helps and if it doesn't.......I'm a Wacky, what did you expect? LOL


Jeanne said...

That's so cool, Rhonda! We use to have hummers stop by in the spring, but they never stayed too long.

Granny Fran said...

Glad to see those instructions. I tried to do a video on my blog and couldn't get it to take. Guess I need to get a Photobucket account.
I love the hummers. I also get Bullock's Orioles at my feeder, they remove the yellow inserts so their fat bills will fit, and the other day I saw a pair of red headed house finches at the feeder.


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