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May 8, 2007

Morning At The Museum

The other week Molly asked for volunteers to help her with mini-lectures on quilting, weaving, milling work, etc. to the local fourth graders. Of course, I stepped up to the plate. Patty & I were upstairs at our local museum for our part. The fourth graders were well mannered & really paid attention to what was said. Afterwards, we all (70 people) went outside for a snack. A little lady (seen in the pic) began to tell a story. Normally after sitting for the lectures, children wouldn't want to, or couldn't sit any longer. But this lady knew how to get & hold their attention. They were spellbound. She wove the tale, had the kids participate, even had time to joke with them. The story was about listening to your parents, by the way. When it was all said & done, a hardy round of applause, kids counted, recounted LOL... back on the bus....Wheeeeew! I think we all had a blast & yes, I would do it again next year.
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Kathy or Kathryn or Dana or .......... said...

Oh Rhonda What fun! I did that last year and it was so much fun; those kids really pay attention and ask questions.

Did you see Ron? He was there talking about crow hunting! Said he was using crows to tell the kids not to be a nuisance -- LOL! Oh well, leave to a man. He enjoyed it greatly though.

MOLLY said...

Oh Rhonda--I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. I really appreciate your help. Once a teacher, always a teacher. I, too, enjoyed Sarah's stories. She is just great!


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