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Apr 25, 2007

"Furry Companion & Stashbusters"

The question was posed....What do you do with that oh so helpful four-legged sewing companion? How do you go about distracting him/her from helping so much & please share a picture? Well, here's a picture of my companion "WeeeeeStinky" who has been with me for several years. He usually follows me around in my sewing room but when I ask him to move out of the way, most of the time he obeys. Shhhhhhh! Actually "WeeeeeStinky" is a stuffed animal that one of students gave me years ago. I love to rug his fur and we seem to communicate very well. So I would say in answer to the question that I don't really have to worry about my "pet" getting in the way.
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Flippytale Quilter said...

LOL, I am sure that he is very easy to move out of the way!

I have two kitties, one sleeps all the time (easy), the other always wants to "help" by getting up on my sewing table. I just remind him that he is an invited guest in my sewing room, gently pick him up, and put him back down on the floor. It works pretty well, he is not too pesky, and I do love the company!

He talks to me about stuff too, I'm not sure what since I still haven't learned cat very well.


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