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Mar 25, 2007


Today the Pastor's wife made a request of me .... "the pianist" to play something I haven't played in YEARS! Somehow, by the grace of God, I did it. "Please," I said pitifully, "no more requests. I'm praying for someone who can play the piano so that I can step down .... gladly! After church, I had time to sew. So I started a log cabin and got 24 blocks made. I'll post a pic when I finish it. Some of the Wackies have been curious about my church family, so I posted a pic. Yes, that all of us. We're small but mighty!


Jerri said...

I loved the picture of your church family. Yes, it's a small group but I know yawl will reach out and bring others to join and to find the Lord. Love ya, Jerri

MOLLY said...

Great Rhonda. Is that your mama in the black dress, (3rd from left on back row? You guys look great.
Praise the Lord! M

KathyE said...

Rhonda, what a great looking group! Hey, the Good Book says....where 2 or more or gathered...."

Thanks for sharing the picture!



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