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Jul 1, 2019

Lots of Things

Canning first. I know this looks strange but remember I'm not in my own home yet so I had to improvise, adapt, overcome!!! Anybody remember which movie that's from....hehehehe
Anyway. It's pickle time. I was down to my last jar. Mr. Cowboy was becoming desperate. We eat pickles with nearly everything.
One of my girlfriends called to say the cucumbers were ready & that I could come & get some for free if......if I'd make a batch for pickles for her hubby. Of course I shouted YES!!!
 Next, I finally got to the store to buy the things I need for my new adventure thanks to Shasta (read the previous post to catch up on that).
I have a couple of ideas of the way I want to go with this but.....I've been known to change my mind.
On a final note, is anyone else getting the large amount of rain/thunderstorms that we are getting? Yesterday we got 3.5 inches. WOW! I'll need a canoe very soon.
Send some sunshine our way please...someone, anyone!


Gene Black said...

Hmmm.. that is an unofficial slogan of the Marines. I guess I didn't see that movie.

I don't generally make pickles but I am anxiously awaiting the figs to make preserves. LOL We can always "make do" can't we?

Susan said...

Yay, on the pickles - a batch for each of you? Or you just canned them all and got to keep half? What a deal that is. I kind of do the same with a friend. I provide what to can, and she cans and keeps half. =) Yes, on the thunderstorms! Every afternoon, just like a desert monsoon, we're getting a thunderstorm and rain. I went out to the trash today, and we've left a can outside to air out. It had about 8 inches of water in it, and I don't know how long that took to accumulate, but what a rain gauge it made! Try not to drown, our forecast has 5-6 more days of this in it, and I think it might be coming up from your direction!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I used to make pickles all the time but now we don't have a cold cellar and they don't seem to keep. As for sharing the sunshine - I'm sorry but I'm going to be very greedy and hang onto the little bit we've seen over the past couple of months.

Thearica said...

We are trying to sell our home so I am not canning this summer. I miss making my grandmothers 14 day pickles. I always do a batch each year but don't want pickles smelling up the house while they are making if we have someone come to see the house. :)

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