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May 5, 2018

Happy Cinco de Mayo & A Mini

Hi everyone! Well I'm back at it. Here's the latest mini. A giraffe in love with his next meal. This measures 9" by 13 1/2".

Here's a close up of the giraffe eyeing the leaves.

My cousin Clark has a beautiful blooming tree in his front yard and I just had to snap a couple of photos which doesn't do the tree justice at all.
And then I've decided to do a FQ give away. Isn't this fabric so pretty. Just leave a comment to be counted in the give away and I'll have Mr. Cowboy do a drawing next week. He just loves that process.....hehehehehe!!


Vicki H said...

I love the giraffe, the eyelashes really give her a sassy look. Love her smiling smirk too.

Joyce Carter said...

Cute mini Rhonda. I love her eyelashes.
So what kind of tree is that? The blossoms are beautiful. We have Dogwood trees, but they have already bloomed out. I love riding around and seeing all the flowers and trees coming up and blooming out. Everything looks so pretty.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Awww! My first thought was that she was eyeing her beau who was just the other side of the tree. Either way, she's adorable.

Guilitta said...

The giraffe is very well done and the smile - grin is contagious.

Have a nice Sunday

Anonymous said...

Oh great giraffe - something I would call whimsical about it. The flowers are gorgeous, thanks for sharing them. Thanks, too, for the FQ giveaway. That's a great one!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cute mini. What will you do with it? The face is cute and I love the teeth! Our flowering bushes are just now blooming in Northern Indiana. I think they are a bit late, probably because this past week is our first warm one of the Spring. Spring is reeealy late here. Your flower pics were a perfect lead for the beautiful fabric piece you are giving away.
xx, Carol

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE your giraffe! He has such personality. The spring blooms are always so welcomed and pretty.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I'm a bit late to the party - but I love your giraffe! The expression on his face is so cute - and the fabric you used for him is perfect. A lovely blooming tree and some pretty floral fabric - Spring is finally here! - ;))

Suze said...

Now, that giraffe has some personality. Years ago, before my kids' dad walked out, we used to each represent an animal. My husband was a giraffe because he is 6'7". My son was a monkey because he was hyperactive and quite a character. My daughter was an elephant because her name was Jamie Alison and her brother called her Jamie Elephant when she was born. And I was a rhino - just because I thought I was huge and and the mean one because I had to do the discipline. I was actually quite thin and had the image that I was fat. So, I thought a rhino was fitting. I saw a cute pieced giraffe quilt and was thinking about making it for grandchildren. I think there's something endearing to children about animals. Thanks for the fun post. I love the beautiful flowering tree. My japonica has bloomed and is now covered in beautiful leaves. It's a bush that I have covering my gas meter. That's also a beautiful floral. I almost forgot to mention - the perfect fabric for the giraffe.


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