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Sep 27, 2017

Celebration Part 4

So, after several nights sleep I decided Log Cabin blocks would be the perfect solution. Of course I made a few to see if my thoughts were on point. 
Yep! So off to the old stash I went to find more blues/reds/creams.
I feel really good about this one. I might sew on a border but maybe not! At the moment it measures "51 by 45."
Now for the winner of the FQ this post. It's Needled Mom whose favorite color at the moment is YELLOW! Congratulations to you. I must tell you, Mr. Cowboy gets to pull the names from the hat and always comments about the blogger names. I just laugh and send him on his way. That reminded me of when me and my brother were children and dad had a CB in his truck. Some of you may remember those which were a way to communicate back in the 70s. Truckers had them in their big rigs and when regular drivers discovered that CBs were a great way to outwit the Highway Patrol.....well you see where this is going.....LOL!  Dad's handle was Rancher on the Road. David and I loved to hear him talking with everyone on our road trips to Galveston. Mom was not so happy with all the chatter.
Sorry, I got off topic for a moment.
Remember that if you've won a fat quarter you can still participate. Just leave a comment and mention your favorite color. I'm very close to the 1600 post mark!!!
I'm already planning the next quilt. This process has been very therapeutic and has made me very happy.


Joyce Carter said...

This one is amazing! I think I like this one the most. Every thing looks great together. Well done!
Congratulations to Needled Mom. Still love green.

Gene Black said...

Ha ha.... I was a bit young to be on the CB - but I did it anyway. My handle was "organ-grinder."
Favorite color - blue.

Calicojoan said...

I absolutely LOVE this quilt! Hope you consider marketing the pattern. It's just spectacular!!!!!

Vicki H said...

My dad was the 'Green Sub' for his green Suburban.
Today my color is red.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your Eagle! I changed my mind - I like my RED FQ prize so much that I want to try to win another one. Today my favorite color is ORANGE - ;))

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The log cabin and patriotic colors really set off the eagle. It is so eye pleasing. My sister's crowd was big on the CB back in the 60s. Later, when I married Terry he was a truck driver. His handle was The Bat. I have no idea how or why he came up with THAT, lol.

Favorite color today is still Aqua/turquoise.
xx, Carol

barcord said...

Congratulations Needled Mom you are a great encourager with your comments. I am enjoying the progress of this 'quilt' Ravelly1. Its looking great. My favourite colour is sky blue. We had a friend whose CB name was Summer Rose. I always thought it was a lovely name and suited her.

Barb said...

all I can say is WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, you were right on point! That looks fabulous. I like it just as it is, too. My favorite color is always green. LOL Don't truckers still use CB radios? It seems to me there's an all night station when you are driving across Texas which has truckers on it and they always give their CB handles. I've heard some really funny ones. The Blue Waffle made me smile. Who would that be? I don't think I want to drive near Sleeper, though! I found a site that has a CB name generator - mine came out Switchblade Ninja! LOL

Needled Mom said...

Thank you. I'll have fun with the yellow.

I LOVE this. It is the perfect setting for your beautiful eagle. I've been working on a couple of Valor quilts this past week myself, but they are really boring when I see this beauty.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think you've got a definite winner with your latest design. It somewhat reminds me of the US flag. Wonderful!


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