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Jul 10, 2017

It's Too Much, I Give Up!!

So I had an hour or so to myself so I thought. I decided to do some much needed grocery shopping.

As I was enjoying myself shopping Mr. Cowboy called to ask where I was. Unfortunately, (1) I asked the call and (2) I told him where I was.......sigh......will I never learn.
He sent me on a mission to the hardware store to purchase some stuff for his well pump. Who knew that were so many parts, sizes, names, etc. It was overwhelming.
When I asked for help as the Costumer desk this is what was broadcasted over the loudspeaker. "Customer needs help in plumbing!" Three minutes later, "Customer needs help in plumbing!" Five minutes later.....well you see where I going with this. Not only was there no help but Mr. Cowboy was conveniently out of reach on the farm.  What to do? I'll show him!!!!! I bought several sizes, several parts and loads of PVC pipe. HA!
When he saw what I bought and I told him why I bought all that stuff, he quietly loaded up all that stuff and walked away.  I don't think he'll be asking where I am, again, any time soon........smiley face!!! 

On a brighter note.....above and below are the "boys" that we've been raising from tiny things. They are so gentle and sweet.  The other day we went working on a water trough when they ambled up, looked at us for awhile then turned to Mr. Cowboy's new truck and started to rub their bodies on the bumper.
I didn't get a photo of that but when we shooed them away, they all turned and look sad that we had run them off.
It's rainy here during the late afternoons then 98 degrees before the sun goes down.
What's everybody up to these days???? Hopefully not stuck in a hardware store.....LOL!!


Quilting Nonnie said...

Boy Howdy. I definitely relate to the hardware store. I've had to go in and find some part for my husband too. It is very frustrating! I wonder how he would like it if I said, "Dear, I've run out of this fabric I need right now for my quilt. Its name is Morning Dawn and I want the green one, not the light green. In the quilt shop, it's on the third aisle about halfway down on the right. The bolt will have a label that says "Timeless Treasures" and Morning Dawn" and Forest Green. It will also have the price. Oh, and here's a coupon..."

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like you handled it perfectly! ;-)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, I know my way around that plumbing/pipe stuff. I know more than I let on though. One of the advantages of being retired is I rarely have to shop in that department anymore. He goes with me, or should I say I go with him, and off I go to a department that interests me. Or sometimes where HE wants to go is near a fabric/craft store and I have him drop me off. Take your time, I say. Call me when you're ready to leave and I'll be ready. '

Gsh I love your cows.
xx, Carol

Gene Black said...

Fun fun. It is so hard to figure out which pieces you need unless you have very good details.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I really don't mind the hardware store - it's surprising how many 'crafty' things I can manage to find there. The most recent was a couple of really large heavy washers that conveniently added weight to the bottom of a doorstop I was making. Mind you, I don't shop for guy stuff without the guy being there!

Anonymous said...

That was excellent, and you didn't even have to be a schemer! Love the pictures of the cows. =)

Gari in AL said...

OK, that made me laugh. Love the cows,they can be so sweet.


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