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May 31, 2017

In & Out of Pocket

Isn't this little moth a beauty?  Ok, that's the science teacher still lodged deep within me. I've been retired for years but every time I see something I deem interesting, the camera comes out and I start snapping.
Now, to the reason I'm posting today. It's hay season around here so I'm kind of busy with that but also, I'm in somewhat of a slump when it comes to my quilting projects. I'm just not into anything sewing or fabric right now.....sigh.  I have been doing loads of reading on my Kindle and watching nature.  I've also been doing some canning, baking and testing new recipes.
Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about not sewing something, anything. 
I think some of my problem has to do with the weather around here. It's been rainy and dreary and that's not the kind of weather I love. This is a real challenge.  I'm a summer, sunny, the hotter the better because I can always cool off easier than I can warm up, girl. I need the sun to shine for days!!!!!
So until that happens I suppose I'll be in the dumps for awhile.......sigh.  If it weren't for my wacky girlfriends, I probably would not talk to anyone.  Sorry to unload on all you blogger buddies and please understand, I'm really okay. I just want lots of sun. So if you're getting lots of sun please sent some my way. I'll love your forever.........hehehehehehehehe!!!


Needled Mom said...

I hear ya. We are in our June Gloom here too - my least favorite time of the year. Gorgeous moth, by the way.

Gene Black said...

I have been in a bit of a slump too. But I have tried a number of recipes. I also made sauerkraut and kimchi. So I haven't been totally slack, just not "quilty."

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh no, we are NOT getting lots of sun. We get 3 partly cloudy or sunny days and 4 days of rain. That's the crappy pattern. I feel guilty when I don't do anything stitchy. I hate that I feel that way. I pick it up and don't stop, then don't touch it for a few days. Just like the weather! Love your month. Never saw one like it.
xx Carol

Anonymous said...

Me, too, sun. Lots and lots of beautiful, warm sun! I hope you soon have some! The moth is beautiful. I love science myself, and maybe that's one reason I became a teacher, too. =)


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