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Mar 15, 2016

When Nature Calls Workshop

The other day I taught another class on landscaping. I used outhouses as the theme again. After a brief introduction, we all got down to the fun of it.
Below are a few photos of the day.

Taking a photo of each step is very helpful when developing a scene.

As each block took shape, I allowed everyone to dig through some of the fabrics I'd brought from my stash to enhance their designs.

Near finished but it needs a bit more!!

Look at the differences when using the same design but difference thoughts of fabric choices. Amazing!!

After adding some detailed lines with the Perma marker, the outhouse really pops.

Everyone walked away with a finished block and plenty of ideas for future endeavors!!


Gene Black said...

It looks like you had a great class. And there was even a guy in the class! That made me smile.

Needled Mom said...

Looking at the results, you must be an awesome teacher. Fun!!!

lefuntz said...

How fun. I would have loved to join in but that would be a bit of a drive.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh I enjoyed this post! You are an amazing teacher. No matter what class I take here, I never come out with a finished product. (Though I have in the past). I just love seeing how different each student's outhouse was. So cool.
xx, Carol

Thank you for continuing to blog.

allthingzsewn said...

These are so cute. We still use the outhouse out back by the barns. As we get older the further the house gets from the

Anonymous said...

That looks like a great class, and the idea of actually finishing the block in class is very appealing! I'd love to do one with a flowering tree hanging over it. =) Thanks for showing those two with the same design and different fabric and ideas.

Kathy said...

hi rhonda, i've just started following your blog, i thought i was the only person to ever make a quilt with an outhouse. (mine is on Pinterest, kathyanso). i'm on a farm in New Zealand so your recent post about a snake caught my eye amongst posts about cats and grandchildren from others


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