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Mar 18, 2016

Boots, Vines and Broderie Perse & a Finish!

Boot block #9. This is the final block in this Block of the Week series although I stretched things out in two week intervals for a couple of weeks to make things easier for all.
This pair of boots are what I think of as more girly. Not because of the flowers added but because of the swirls and the tilt of one boot into the other. 

Hand embroidered vines to add blossoms next.
After this block is all sewn down, I'll be putting all nine block together. Each block in my quilt measure 6 1/2 inches unfinished.
I had some borders in mind but changed my mind several times before all was said and done. 

Here's the finished quilt which measures 21" square. I meandered around the boots and vines in a tight stipple so that each boot stands out.
I look forward to hearing from those who sewed along with me.


Barb said...

Every time I come by here you just make me smile....gotta love ya some boots....just adorable.

Gene Black said...

Nice! The heels on those boots say "girly" also.

lefuntz said...

Rhonda I love your boots. Especially the ones in pairs. I was lucky enough to go to Colorado to watch a taping of the Quilt Show. One of the shows featured Leni Levenson Wiener. She makes fabulous art quilts. I think your process is similar to hers though she starts with a photograph. The Quilt Show is free this weekend. I hope you can find some time to watch. It is show 1413. She made a quilt from the famous photo of the Afghan girl photo Steve McCurry made famous in National Geographic. She even had it brought around the audience so we could see it close up. If you can't find time to watch the show google her to see some of her work. I promise you will be inspired.

Needled Mom said...

Those are all amazing and so much like a photograph. You never cease to amaze me with your pieces. I wouldn't mind having a pair of boots like this pair.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pair that is! This has been a great series. I was talking to my friend who was planning a quilt for her husband anyway, and we may both be making these next year! Bigger, though. She'll probably make 12-15, and I'll probably make 9 inches. Thank you so much for these great designs!

Marie said...

Oh Rhonda I love the boots! You always come up with such neat blocks. Thanks for sharing with us, you make me smile girlfriend! Hugs, Marie

KaHolly said...

Loving these boots!


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