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Feb 29, 2016

So, I Was Inspired...........

Warning....this post is photo heavy.
This is Design Wall Monday sponsored by Judy over at Patchwork Times. Make sure you pop in to see what others are up to.
So, I was inspired by a wonderful lady who took one of my landscaping classes. She had recently visited another country and loved one of the places of worship (the photo above is not what sparked her interest). That got me thinking about something I hadn't tried. So off I went to do research the different types of places to worship and OMG there were so many ideas my head nearly exploded. I started sketching from clipart ideas, then filled that in with crayons and tiny scraps of fabric.
As you know, I love taking pics of my progress because 1. it keeps me on track, somewhat 2. I can easily see what does and doesn't work & 3. I love sharing with all my blogger friends. With that said, here's how the above block developed:

The grayish roof only seems to work with a tiny black underlining.

Everything so far is worked out on my non-stick pressing sheet. Underneath each window I used a gray crayon to shadow then pressed to seal or melt the area. (BTW, I used a sheet of copy paper between the iron and crayon markings.....wouldn't want crayon on my iron...hehehehehe)

Too much forest background.

I added a bit of sky to break up all that greenery, then added a bush or two at the back of the building.
All the fabrics are from my stash. I just love digging for just the right pieces. It's amazing how many greens are in my stash. Have I mentioned that I am in love with green. I have to make myself turn away from that color when purchasing fabric.....LOL....it's not easy.
I absolutely love this brick type fabric here. It was hard to cut into but I closed my eyes and did it.

I needed a similar color for the tower so off to the stash I went. I must say, digging through the piles and piles of fabric is therapeutic. Who else can relate to what I'm talking about?? I feel comforted in all that fabric. The colors, the smell, the feel of it, the...... oh, ah, sorry. Now where was I?

Add some windows to the mix.

This block is looking a bit naked. I am going for a church on a grassy hill but it's not quite there.

 Adding more of a rocky area underneath the church adds that illusion of up on a hill but it needs more.

A row of bushes evens it all out!! This is my favorite block so far.
Can you believe, I forgot to take the beginning pics.....sorry!!!!

I'm still using green whenever I can. This ties the blocks together and I get rid of to use lots.
Mr. Cowboy saw the tree and said that it was just too tall and overpowering. 

He was right! This one is much better.
Well, that's all for now. I'm planning on making 9 to 12 blocks but that may change.
So far each block is 12" square but I may trim them to a smaller measurement later.


Gene Black said...

I am the same way about blue fabric. I have to be careful not to overload on blue.
Mr Cowboy was so right about the tree. The new one balances the design nicely.

Laura said...

Look at your churches! What a great idea! My husband's childhood church looks a lot like that white one, down to the tree next to it. Keep showing us these pictures, please! I don't do landscapes, but I love to look at them.

diane said...

Can't wait to see more. Your work is wonderful and inspiring. It's always an education to read your blog. One day, one day soon, I'm going to try.

swooze said...

The tall tree was perfect because you see that in the north east. Love the blocks!

Farm Quilter said...

Love your churches!! It is so much fun to build a landscape quilt or block - yours are great!! I can't wait to see each and every block and the whole quilt...wow!!!

Renee said...

These are fabulous! Beautiful work.

Lesley said...

Your work is amazing! Really enjoyed seeing how it all comes together.

Sally said...

Oh my, these are wonderful!

Guilitta said...

I've been following her blog now so long, and can only admire the ideas Umsezung and completion. For me they are a great artist. But the idea to produce the variety of houses of worship, I find none. And the realization is so great that I could hardly find words for it. but omitted for me are the many small simple houses of worship which in addition to these impressive churches, cathedrals and domes also are and would belong to me now. On the finished quilt I'm already excited.

Kindly Guilitta

Anonymous said...

More fabulous churches. That first one is definitely somewhere in the south or Appalachians with all those trees! Where would we be without husband inspiration? ;)


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