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Dec 2, 2015

Mini Wednesday

"No Fence Can Stop Me" is my next mini.
As I've said several times, choosing fabrics for a project is for me the funnn-est part. My granddaughter uses that word when she plays in my sewing room. 
I also take a lot of photos using my cell phone to view contrasts, depth, color choices, etc. For me it's a quick way to eliminate or choose what's best for a project. 
I'm not very good at distance but am working on it. The fence needs work.
I know there's too much brown but Mr. Cowboy said that deer are camouflaged with the background so I went with it.
All done and quilted measuring eight inches square.


Kathy L said...

As usual, very nice.

Farm Quilter said...

Mr. Cowboy is right, deer blend in to the background! Great quilt!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your process is interesting. I can see why you use your daughter's word "funnest". With your talent, selecting fabric for a project is playtime!! Lovely work. Thank you for sharing your work on your blog. Thank you for having a blog in this FB and Instagram cyber world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the process. I don't find too much brown in it, and I loved the fence, even before you changed it. This is an excellent mini!

Tired Teacher said...

Well done. I've never attempted anything this small or detailed, but I think you did an amazing job.

Hua Hai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Guilitta said...

How you designed this: wonderful. I think you are great in this things.

Greeting Guilitta


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