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Jul 16, 2015


 It's that time again! I went to our local farmers market, purchased a mess of cucumbers, washed & thinly sliced them.  
I placed them in a pickling brine for 24 hours. See all the frothiness? This means it's working.
 The next stage is the sugar & vinegar goodness which lasts 12 hours.
Finally comes the cold bath stage which is actually a hot bath process. Confusing but whatever gets me those tasty sweet pickles!!


Gene Black said...

Mmm..so those are sweet pickles?
I need to learn to make those.

Kathy L said...

They look delicious!

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to make some pickles forever. They are getting so expensive to buy good ones. So how much weight is a mess of cucumbers? =)

swooze said...

Wow your process is different than ours. We just put them in the jar with the pickling juice. I see the merit of your process to get the shrinkage out and to pack more goodness into that jar!


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