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May 26, 2015

Tusk, Tusk

In a previous post, I mentioned the wild hog problem around our farm & in Texas in general. 
Take a look at the following photos:
This is a single tusk which one hog lost in a fight with some local dogs. Luckily the dogs weren't to badly harmed. The hog ran off.
This is frightening to even think about. We can't take walks in our community without thinking about, what if a hog comes at us!!!


Needled Mom said...

Wow. It's too bad they are not made of ivory! Those are scary looking things.

Gari in AL said...

Have you been having all that rain? Maybe the hogs will drown.

lefuntz said...

I have a book that is a take off of the three little pigs. It is called The Three Little Javelinas and has coyote in place of the big bad wolf. The third javelina is the big sister. A southwest version of the classic. Sadly the coyote isn't a solution for you. I wish you luck!

Gene Black said...

Ooh that is horrible. I suppose it is a good reason to have a gun when you are out walking.

Claudia said...

Wow..that is scary !! can't imagine those running around wild. The most that jumps out at us here is a bunny rabbit.
I hope you are safe from all the rain in TX and OK. Terrible, terrible flooding... We have enough rain here in ND too now.....the rivers are coming up and there will be some minor flooding....I just hope the rain is done now for awhile.

Barb said...

Wow!!! We have wild hogs around here as well....

Michelle said...

Wow! And I worry about the neighbor's domesticated pig wandering over into our yard... So glad we don't have wild hogs around here!


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