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Jul 29, 2014

A Lot Of Things

I canned fig jam yesterday. Of course I had to do "several" taste tests before the
 sweetness was just right!!!!! I just hope this will last until the winter months.
A Zipper spider has made her home right outside my garage eve.
Grandma's Lillies are in bloom. I was told last year that lilly isn't their correct name so let me know of the correction please.
Next I snapped a photo some sort of mushroom that seemed to have cracked open. I love  the blush color surprise inside.
Finally we've had a string of strong winds lately so imagine my surprise when I discovered  a bird's nest on the ground (no pun intended) the other morning. No eggs or babies, thank goodness!!


diane said...

Fig jam sounds good but have never had it and it looks good too.

Your zipper spider is new to me too. Always good to learn or see something new.

Gene Black said...

I did a little bit of googling on your "lillies" and it appears to be the genus Hymenocallis. Those are typically called Spider Lillies, Alligator Lillies or some similar common name. You see "callis" in the name --and the CALLA lily comes to mind.

Needled Mom said...

I have never seen or heard of a zipper spider. Is that "zipper" looking thing its web?

Pretty lilies and the jam looks delicious.

Tammy said...

I miss my fig trees I use dot have in Columbia. I always put figs up and I made the fig jelly with strawberry jello to. It was a favorite in our house. I put the fig preserves in my fruit cake each year also.

Vicki H said...

That looks like a mean spider. Never heard of a zipper spider.

Texas JennyWren said...

Looks like you have been busy. We had one of those zipper spiders a few years ago. The male is very small and after he comes to mate with her, she kills him!! Golden Orb spider I think is the correct name, But that zipper web is amazing.

Does your fig jam taste anything like the inside of a fig newton? I am looking for a recipe to make that yummy jam inside the cookie fig newton. You got that by chance?

lefuntz said...

That jam looks delicious! I would be happy to taste test it for you!


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