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Jun 11, 2014

That Time Again!

BB near the lead with a quick gait!

Hurry up cowboy & pour out those cookies (AKA range cubes)!!

Bully is not impressed!!

Is that all you've got cowboy?? Get back here!

We're leaving, this is ridiculous!

These heifers will hopefully have babies by the winter so that they fed a little extra. I see them nearly everyday. They live in a pasture across the road from my house and each day I walk to my mailbox, they come running and are not happy when they notice that I'm not lugging a bag of cubes with me. 


Podunk Pretties said...

Cow Cookies! That's how they get so fat.

Holee said...

BB is ready to be a mama...wow..that didn't take long. Wonder what the babies will look like!

Needled Mom said...

Are you only loved when you bring goodies???? Fickle little buggers, aren't they?

Tammy said...

Your cows look so healthy and have gorgeous coats. It is so nice to see that....So many people do not take care of their animals so well.

Loree said...

Lol Cookies, I grew up hearing my daddy say he was giving the cows cake. Nothing better than a bunch of cows that think they are pets.
Your place looks so pretty and green. Could send some of that rain up to us here in North central Texas?
Have a blessed day!

Vicki H said...

Great commentary on the pics.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Made me laugh, and it was interesting, too. Thx!


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