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Apr 5, 2014

Mudding? At My Age!!!

The other day I had to drive out in one of the pastures. Normally this would have been a routine drive, counting heifers, calves, looking for dead or broken branches on the fences.....you know, if you've ever lived on or near a farm.
This particular day I happened upon the first photo you see below. I'd gone though that gap many time but unbeknownst to me, the tractor had made several trips that was as well. Did I mention the tractor has large tires that make deep ruts........very deep ruts.
To make a long story short.....I got stuck.....all four tires.......the jeep has a 4-wheel drive thingy which was absolutely NO help at all.....none, zilch, nada!!!!!
After sitting there, spinning my wheels literally....I got my honey's attention. He slowly made his way over in the bulldozer, hooked up a heavy chain to the front bumper thingy, reversed the dozer and gingerly pulled me out. I was mortified that I'd gotten stuck but then he told me about the ruts made by the tractor which made me feel slightly better.
I know the jeep didn't have that much mud on it but the first thing I thought of was my boys would get a kick out of my "mudding" experience.
BTW, I'm 58 and this experience is not one I wish to repeat....ever!!
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


Nana B said...

Thank goodness hubby was near. Sounds like it would have been a long walk home!

Needled Mom said...

Aww....you're never too old for all that fun!!! ;-)

Gari in AL said...

58, old? Well, maybe for mudding.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you didn't have to get out and WALK in that goo! Honey to the rescue! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Praise God for good Hubby's!!! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Husbands and tractors and bulldozers all have their uses, don't they? I am surprised the Jeep 4X drive didn't pull out, though!

Kristie said...

Just one of the perks of farm life, isn't it? :) I love it!

Have a wonderful and Blessed day


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