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Feb 4, 2014


First....if you're looking for a new project in 2014, try out my "Lazy Hearts" BOM.
 It's from a project I designed a couple of years ago and it's free.  I love sharing with everyone.  Just click on my BOM & BOW page near the top of my blog to find all the designs.
Milkshake is investigating the bottom of a mineral bucket.
 "What's all the fuss about taking you vitamins," is the caption I'm giving this one. 
 She is too funny to watch and that white "Nike" mark above her eye is so unusual, it makes her look like a mischievous  child. Her mommy is, as always, neck deep in the feeder. Little Milkshake as become a very independent girl........LOL


Needled Mom said...

Your hearts are so pretty. It's very generous of you to share your designs like you always do.

Milkshake is growing so quickly. I love the little Nike mark too.

Barb said...

You are soooooooooooooooooooo creative.....as long as you are not out hunting snakes...or trapsing in the woods....or maybe that is when you are the most creative?

lefuntz said...

Milkshake is a curious little calf isn't she? And growing quickly.

lefuntz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tammy said...

She is a beautiful animal. She has a beautiful coat and that Nike mark is so neat.

Carmen y Prady said...

Precioso, te ha quedado fenomenal.
Un beso.


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