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Jan 23, 2014

Mug Rug Thursday

The winner of  Mr. Peanut is
Vicki H.
There's a story behind the drawing for Mr. Peanut.
 My granddaughter, Ayden pulled the name from a baseball cap I had laying around while asking all kinds of questions.
Ayden: GoGo, why do I have to pick a name from that hat?
Me: Well, it's only fair that everyone who commented gets a chance.
Ayden: GoGo, why can't we use the John Deere cap, I like it better?
Me: Well, sure, but I'm not sure where it is.
Ayden: GoGo, you're pulling my leg. You know where it is..........(Lots of giggles...BTW, she is learning to kidding around....sigh!!!)
Me: Ayden, just pull a name, before I really pull your leg!
Ayden: K! Then can I have cookies??
Me: Only if you can pull them from the John Deere cap!
She thought this statement was very funny.  So, congratulations to Vicki H. Just leave a comment so that we can get together via email.

"An Eye for Coffee" is the next mug rug give-away. Notice the corporate eyebrow.....LOL
Leave a comment and I'll draw a name in two weeks. Will announce a winner February 6th. 
Note: Remember I'm now doing mug rug give-aways every two weeks this year.
I've enjoyed making the rugs but this year I've joined a group of ladies who make quilts for nursing homes, shelters and other organizations so I'm a little stretched.


Miz Karen said...

Love it.

Gill said...

Congratulations to Vicki!

Tammy said...

Ayden sounds like such a Lil cutie pie. My great neice has been in town this week. She is 4 and what a pickle she is.

Kathy L said...

Oh to be a child again, full of the why questions. And not happy with the "because" answer. Love the eye.

Createology said...

Bless you for all you are giving so generously. I do hope you also take time to nurture yourself. Creative Bliss...

Vicki H said...

Hi Rhonda, Little Ayden sure sounds like a cutie. Please thank her for pulling my name.

Needled Mom said...

Cute story!!! Congratulations to Vicki.

I'm sure my eyes look like that befoe I get my coffee in the mornings.

Guilitta said...

It´s a great story and I ike the mug rug.
Greeting Guilitta

Guilitta said...

It´s a great story and I ike the mug rug.
Greeting Guilitta

mojo49 said...

Love the eye for coffee and totally reminds me of my cousin! Your work is great and have fun with your new adventures this year.


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing design. I love your quilting on it. Your little one sounds so precious!

A Nudge said...

Cute mug rug, Rhonda! Our church bee sews quilts for low income, first time mothers, so if you have an easy pattern that we can make 36" square, would love it if you shared it. I have Jack so don't include me in to drawing.

Gari in AL said...

Glad you are on the mug rug road again: I'm in again. And, I have started working on 3 mug rugs using your girl with empty cup pattern. I'm trying to get a jump on Christmas gifts already. :-)


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