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Jan 9, 2014

Mug Rug Thursday

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope we all didn't gain too much weight over the holidays. I really tried to cut back but haven't ventured toward my bathroom scales yet.......sigh.

It's good to get back to Mug Rug Thursday, as well. I won't be able to do the rug give away each week, I'm sad to say but will at least have them every two weeks.
Life has seemed to speed up and my sewing time has nearly stopped. I don't know how that happened but for now, that's the way the "cookie crumbles!"
Is anyone else having this same situation??

Here's my version of
My Peanut.
We ate pounds of peanuts over the holidays; roasted, in cookies, and even in a salad.
Just leave a comment to be in the count.
I'll announce the winner on January 16th.


Betsy said...

Rhonda, god bless your talent! Your mug rugs are always so lovely and unique.

Bea Chester said...

Love your mug rugs. Peanuts are being consumed as I type. Mr. Peanut is a personal friend of mine.

Miz Karen said...

Love it. You are extremely creative. I never would have thought of Mr. Peanut as a mug rug. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

Miz Karen said...

P.S. I hope things are going better for you.

Laura said...

I would love to win this for my husband. He grew up on a peanut farm in Isle of Wight County, not far from the home of the original Mr. Peanut in Suffolk.

Emma's Daughter said...

Happy new year! Mr. Peanuts adorable! Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE the peanut. He reminds me of the old commercials.

I'm finding the same issues with my sewing time. Life just happens and it is much more important than our sewing anyway.

Kathy L said...

Mr Peanut looks dashing. Love to give him a good home. The older I get, the faster time goes..

MooseStashQuilting said...

I hadn't thought of Mr Peanut for years...but that commercial this year with the Nutcracker attacking him, brought it all back. I see antoher mug rug in the works, and maybe a bandaid on Peanuts head! LOL!!

Leslie said...

Peanuts and peanut butter are staples in my husband's diet. btw.. I hung up your Santa wall-hanging with my Christmas decor. It got lots do nice compliments.

lefuntz said...

Love the peanut mug rug. And time does seem to sped up and slip by us. My daughter took my grandson to the doctor before Christmas and had a followup after Christmas. "Not till after Christmas?" I asked rather shocked. My daughter calmly replied "Christmas is less than 2 weeks away." I did manage to get ready but it gets harder every year!

Vicki H said...

Rhonda, Mr Peanut is so cute. My husband has a can of mixed nuts on table next to his spot on the couch. He has a handful nearly every night while watching the news before bedtime.

Jeanne Gwin said...

laughing with joy over seeing Mr. Peanut. He was my favorite commercial when I was a kid but followed closely by "speedy alka seltzer" Do you remember? I would love to win this cutie. Thanks and don't know about weight gain, I too controlled the savage eating frenzy beast.

Guilitta said...

Mr. Peanut looks great.

I also have at the moment only little time to do my sewing, but I hope it will get better.

Greeting Guilitta
Happy new year!

Pat said...

I remember Mr. Peanut from the boardwalk in New Jersey when I was a little kid! VERY cute mug rug!!! (I think I'd actually hang it in my kitchen on the wall on my small hanger there!)

shawn said...

How cute, I loooove peanuts!
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

desertskyquilts said...

He looks absolutely authentic to me! I never understood how you could give away those gorgeous cards anyway. =)

Gari in AL said...

Oh, he is so cute. Don't you think he would look great on my roll top desk? By the way, my mother was thrilled with the old fashioned shoe and has it hanging in her bedroom with her "little shoe" collection.


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