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Jul 8, 2013


Design Wall Monday at Judy's is a great way to get inspired. Pop over to see what others are up.
I snapped a photo of this spider's web on my way to my mailbox. I didn't see the spider who lives inside but judging by the size of the web, he is huge.
For those who know me, you will be surprised to know that I did not attempt to "do away with" the critter......not today anyway!!
 Installment #5 of "Gone Fishin'" is here.
This lovely blue fabric, a Hoffman fabric - "Fundamentals" has a great watery look to it.

It works well with the fish theme.
Remember, this is called the "Staging/audition" phase, which means we are just thinking about and trying out what looks best. No pressing at this time unless you are certain about your choice.
Each week I am showing what the fish would look like in a certain settings. Each fish, weeds, pebbles, dragonfly, etc. have an adhesive on the back and until said pieces are pressed they can be moved around, placed on various backgrounds, etc. Once pressed, they are in a permanent position. So that's why I emphasis not pressing just yet. If you really like a setting, take a photo of it to refer to later. If your memory is anything like mine, you.............
What was I about to say??


Rhonda R. said...

Hi Rhonda. Love the fish! It looks great with the pebbles and seaweed. That Hoffman is a perfect background. Nice work!

Tammy said...

Rhonda fish 5 looks great. The Hoffman fabric really does look like water.

lefuntz said...

That fabric is a perfect background! Love the fish too!

Sue Daurio said...

ewwwww - spiders yuck! Their only saving grace is that they eat the bad bugs in the garden. But hey, can they do it privately :) That fish on that fabric is just wonderful! What a great block


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