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Jul 13, 2013

Black & White & Red All Over

Yesterday I was digging through my quilt tops and came across this beauty.  I immediately remembered pulling fabrics from my black/white/red scraps. I was so excited to see what design I'd get from my template, a kite like pattern. There are several designs involved in this quilt. You can see the diamond shape formed in the middle surrounded by a shape that lends the appearance of a circular shape....you may have to squint to see what I'm talking about. Then there are the four pointy shapes depicted in the whiteish areas.
I do think I'll add another border of some sort to make it a little bigger.
Click HERE for details of how-to make your own template.
I've made several of these in different sizes and color choices but this one is my favorite so far. All I need to do now is "quilt" it.......sigh.
Below are a few other Fractured Diamonds that I've made. It's amazing how just the color changes the look, adding a plain border or adding a border with the half Fracture in it.
BTW, all of the quilts were made from my strip stash. The beauty of this type of block/quilt is there are no matching seams to worry about until the rows are sewn together.
This quilt is the same as the black/white/red one. I like the earth tones in this one, especially that gray strip running here and there.

Here, I was experimenting with a secondary design using red at one end of my kite design and white in the diamond area.

This was a Christmas fabric design. I love the color green so that was a big draw for me to use those and I like the look of the muted reds in this one. 

This was my latest Fractured Diamond. Some my remember I was working with the pink (wild) fabric. With the greens and black diamonds you hardly notice the pink which I found interesting. By using a wide pink with half diamonds, this design seems to float lending a 3-D effect.
I've got plans in the back of my mind to do another Fractured Diamond using tone-on-tones as the strips on a brownish background.
Finally, vote for me! I entered this little mug rug at Quilting Gallery.
It's entitled
"Even Ants Need Refreshment"
Just click on the link, scroll down a short distance to VOTE NOW & Give Away: Summer Fun, click on that which should take you to the voting area to vote for my entry. If you get frustrated with this process and can't find the ballot, don't worry about it. This is just some friendly competition.


Gene Black said...

Good luck! I voted for you. I love the prize package. I know you would use it well.

Podunkpretties said...

You got my vote! I love watermelon, it's so yummy! I've actually spent about an hour this morning searching for watermelon canning recipes. Good luck with the contest!

Tammy said...

Good luck Rhonda with your submission. Love the red black & white.

Lia*s Handmades said...

You have my vote at the Quilting Gallery, your ants are so cute!

Doniene said...

Wow!! Love all those diamonds!!! Looks like a kaleidoscope!!! Hope you win!!


Margie said...

I voted and the best of luck!

lefuntz said...

I voted! There are some beautiful entries and some tough competition but your cute watermelon mug rug should definitely be in the running. Good luck!

Fiesta said...

I hope you win too Rhonda. I remember when you used to make those, I always found them so interesting

SeeingStars said...

Pretty string quilts! I like seeing your various colors grouped using the same blocks.

Donna said...

Love the red, black and white! Good luck on contest - the watermelon is great!

Sandy Rowe said...

Fantastic quilts! Good luck with your Watermelon entry.

Anonymous said...

I have always liked red, white and black together, nice quilt. I voted for your mug rug, good luck. :)

(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

Cathy said...

I like this block and the different setting options; a very good use for scraps.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Love all the great variations you've made with that one block!
DARLING mug rug - best wishes for a win!

Raewyn said...

What an effective pattern - love all your variations - looks like a great way to use scraps too!! Your watermelon is too cute - good luck with it!

Kim said...

Love your fractured diamond quilts--what a great use of leftover scraps and strips!


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