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Jun 3, 2013


It's Design Wall Monday and I want to thank Judy at Patch Work Times for hosting the great every Monday show and tell. Make sure you all pop over to see others have been working on.

Hooray! I was able to get some sewing/designing in this weekend. I worked on my barn blocks. Would you believe it's taking me longer to do the "filler" blocks than it did to make the initial barns. Here's what I have so far. In no way am I finished but I happy with it so far.
First looks.......
I'm having trouble with depth perception in a couple of the blocks but I'll figure something out.
I did make a couple more barns because I just couldn't help myself and the odd number appealed to me.
 Second looks........
Standing back looking at it from a distance............I know that the blue fabric in the last block (mountains) will need to be another color.......I thinking a graduated brown/rusk/beige...........what are your thoughts??
This is what that last block looks like without the mountains.

I did this block to look like a run-down barn in a field or off the side of a road.

The cloud type pinkish gray fabric is actually the backside of this particular fabric which is muted and I think subtle.
Anyway, I'll need to work on these blocks a little more.
 Many thanks to Paula, the Quilter who allowed me to use the title of
 "All Fenced In" to depict my quilt.  Even though not all the blocks have fences, which was what I intended, I really like the name. Thanks, again, Paula!!
I'll think about borders after I figure out depth.....sigh....
So, what do you think??? I'd love to hear from you.


Laura said...

Beautiful quilt! It is worth the time you are putting into the blocks.

Gene Black said...

I like the blue mountains, but they are a bit "strong" you could take some paint and tone them down.

I have used the back side of fabric too. Whatever works!

Holee said...

I like the way the blues make your eye travel the quilt. The bottom block blue is just too strong. Great quilt.

Margie said...

Am enjoying watching this quilt grow!! These blocks remind me of my Grandfathers farm from my childhood. You have a talent I can only dream of!

Susan Torrens said...

Great work! I love your use of the back side of the fabric - most people call it the wrong side, but I always say that you pay for both sides, and sometimes it makes a great option!

Penny said...

I love your quilt blocks. Looks like you are having fun also.

Gill said...

Great blocks and I love the unifying fences!! but I agree the blue in the bottom block is too dominant!

straythreads said...

your quilt is amazing love all the barns and fences!!!! You are looking at the barn with the silo straight on and the silo your point of view is looking down because of the curve of the top of the silo. If you add some roof between the peak and the silo it might fix the perspective illusion. I hope that makes sense. Your barns are fabulous!!

Gari in AL said...

Absolutely outstanding. Your talent continues to amaze me.

lefuntz said...

Rhonda I absolutely love it. The blue is a bit much in the mountains. I'll bet it would make a terrific stormy lookin sky but it ishard to tell from the picture. I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is beautiful, I just love those old barns!
(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)


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