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Jun 13, 2013

A is for Aardvark - BOW - "X"

First, can I get a whoop, whoop for the finish of my barn quilt. I did a one inch dark brown stop border and a five inch sand colored border with....what else.......
fences around the corners.
The final measurement is 49" by 53".
I know it's a strange measurement but the blocks were 11" by 13 1/2".
Love it!! What are your thoughts??
Now onto the Letter X.....

The winner of Owl In Tree is
Leave a comment and I'll get your info via email.
The next mug rug is this cute little avocado half.
By now you know the drill. Leave a comment to participate!!
I'll announce the winner June 20th.


Gene Black said...

Whoop Whoop!!!

I was really wondering what you would do for the X block! Brilliant.

mmmm, I love a good avocado sliced and lightly salted.

Laura said...

Your barn quilt is perfect!!! Great Job!

Holee said...

Can't stay...will be back later..we are under a tornado warning...OWLY is coming home to me!! TY

Maria said...

I love your barn quilt! I am just about finished with my leaf wall hanging from your hand embroidery blocks from last year. Just the binding left to do. Thank you for sharing your talent so generously.


Patty said...

Thanks for the X. Love it.

Margie said...

Really enjoyed watching the barn quilt grow and how it has all came together. Beautiful!! Congrats to Holee--hope you are safe. Take Care!

Gill said...

Rhonda your barn quilt is stunning - I love it!
Congratulations to Holee!

Holee said...

All is well in Pennsylvania for now. Thank You again for the lovely Owl! You barn quilt is wonderful. Having had the chance to live in Texas I can say the barns are differently the western type barns I saw. If I made a barn quilt it would look very different. Most of the barns in Lancaster are two story with the bottom sometimes housing the carriages...very Amish. I enjoyed seeing you put yours together as I could see Texas Ranch in each block. Makes me want to go find my cowgirl boots and put them on again!

lefuntz said...

I love the big finish. Those borders are perfect, especially the fencing in the corners. It needs a better name than My Barn Quilt. A gathering of Barns? Country Barn Tour? Barns by Rhonda?
I guessed x-ray might be a part of the x block. I was hoping for something a little more unexpected like the beautiful but extinct Xerces butterfly. The tetra is better known though.
Yummy looking avocado. But when your ship comes in I hope to be the one sailing away with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Whoop Whoop I love your quilt and put me in the hat please. Thank you.
(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

Kathy L said...

Whoop, whoop, and whoop. Put me in the hat. Congrats on finishing your quilt.

Guilitta said...

I have not one mug Rug. I like to win.

Greeting Guilitta


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