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Jun 6, 2013

A is for Aardvark - BOW - "W"

The winner of the "Owl attempting to Land" is
Just leave me a comment and we'll get together from email.
Looks like that owl landed and has settled in for the hunt. If you'd like a chance at this guy,
"On the Hunt,"
 just leave a comment and you're in the hat!!
Reminder: To my non-reply-ers, yahoo me, Bloglovin, or Linky follower I do know that you are out there and will do my best to keep our connection. When leaving a comment if you would include your email addy....that helps me to contact you. Several already do that but I wanted to let other know.
I'll announce a winner of "On the Hunt" owl on June 13th.
Even if you've won one mug rug or several, please keep commenting and winning. I love it and only wish to bring a smile or warm a heart with these little mug rugs!!
In a week or so I'll be doing a sort of grand give away for my varied FOLLOWERS.
 So there's still time to become a
 Alrighty then my babblings are over!


Gill said...

I love the wasp Rhonda!
Congratulations to Sharon!

Gene Black said...

Wow...you are so close to another "ending" - just x, y and z to go on the ABC BOM

Holee said...

Congrats Sharon! I loved "Owly" from the first time I saw him. Each fabric stands on it's own. She's just so good at putting these odd fabric's together!

If I could figure out how to follow you on blogger I would...but I think you know where my blog is! Somehow I ended up with bloglovin...don't even know how that happened!

Laura said...

Love the owl! It reminds me of Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.

Gari in AL said...

My current mug rugs are looking a little worn so I would really love to win one of your owl ones.

Holee said...

Thanks for posting to my blog. You weren't in my mail so I checked out the spam folder...there you were!...so now you are no longer on the spam list. Good thing I have a son to help me figure these things out or I'd hear from no one!

Anonymous said...

Yay, another owl to try to win!
Thank you!!
(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

lefuntz said...

I can't wait to see what X will be. Love the owl.

Needled Mom said...

I love the wasp! The owl is super cute too.

Patty said...

congratulations to the winner. Love the owl.

i am so glad you are giving away the alphabet. Thanks.

Sharon said...

Thank you so much...it is adorable, I just love it..I sent you my info...thanks again

Betty C said...

Love the owl!

Vivian said...

I love the owl from the first time I saw it. It would be perfect for on my desk at work. Thanks.


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