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May 26, 2013


I knuckled under and finished piecing the "Green Lover" quilt. A thin 1 1/2 inch red stop border followed by a 6 1/2 inch piano key border did the trick.
Final measurements.....56" by 76" which makes for a wonderful lap sized cozy quilt.
I love the look of this quilt. One day I'll quilt it.
Next up......
Ugly fabric and an idea......
 I've had this fabric for years, got it from a girlfriend. I think she said that her grandma had given it to her. As you can see the pinkish coral background and large floral pattern. This is a difficult fabric to work with but you know me.....I looked at it for years until inspiration struck.
Never once did I think to use it as a backing. I was determined not to.
After pulling several dull green fabric strips (green is my favorite color BTW), I decided to frame those strips with a black strip to add interest.
This design is one that I've developed over the years and have shared in the past. It's called Fractured Diamond.
I love the way this particular design works out. You can get a double design or more depending on your particular layout.
After I stood back to take a look, I knew that I wanted to diamond to extend into the border which meant I'd have to do "half" block diamonds with solid corners.
I don't even notice that ugly fabric. All I see is that beautiful green popping out!

Believe it or not, this quilt took only the weekend to sew and that includes interruptions visits from family dinners, Sunday School and Memorial Church service.
The final measurement is 45 inches square.
Love it!!!
Can you see the 4 pointy pinkish stars? The one green 4 point green star diamond? The circular type motion of the outer diamonds??
There are probably more shapes if you squint when viewing the photo.
What are your thoughts??


Gene Black said...

I really like it. And you are right, the green pops and the background color simply disappears.

Nann said...

Both designs are splendid! You were right to save the floral to make blocks. Beautiful work!

Needled Mom said...

Wow...those both look fabulous.

Quilter Kathy said...

You had a productive and inspired weekend! Love both projects!

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - you are GOOOOOD at these beautiful string quilts!

Becky said...

Love the green quilt with pops of red! The diamonds are super. Silk purse....

Rhonda R. said...

You are so creative! The green quilt is so pretty with the red and black accents. I really like the fractured diamonds.

Michelle said...

Those are beautiful!

Busygranny said...

I love all your quilts and BOM I especially like the new fish BOM. Plan on getting at that soon.Thanks for all the work and time you put into them for us.


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