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May 2, 2013

A is for Aardvark - BOW - "R"

I'm having trouble with raccoons eating at my bird feeder.  I'm thinking of using drastic measures very soon.....don't ask!!

The winner of the Wasp Mug Rug is 
Lesthook!! Congratulations to you.
 Leave a comment so that we can get together via email to get your home address.
The next mug rug is one of my favorites. I just love this rhinoceros. He is so cute. Remember, I'm trying very hard to bust some of my stash and as we all know, scraps do not go away, they multiply ten-fold.
If you'd like a chance at this little guy, leave a comment and you're in the hat!! 
I'll announce the winner May 9th.


The Calico Cat said...

I know a little boy would would love a rhinoceros, so put my name in the hat.

Marla's Crafts said...

Very cute. Nice way to use up your scraps. I know what you mean about scrapes adding up. That is why I love scrapt quilts.

Laura said...

I love your rhino! It looks like a lot of work and well beyond my skill level.

Gari in AL said...

If I ever get my studio cleaning done I am going to make that coffee mug rug. In the meantime I guess I will have to settle for trying to win a rug from you. ;-)

Gill said...

Congratulations to Lesthook!
Here in England I'm not having trouble with racoons but the squirrels drive me mad!
I love the rhino!

lefuntz said...

One night I was sitting in my chair next to the window when a little head popped up peering in. At first I thought it was a cat but quickly realized it was a raccoon. Then another head popped up, and another, and another. I had 6 raccoons in all sitting on my porch looking in the window. The little troublemakers had me worried but the biggest one started chattering at the others and they all wandered off. Love your rhino rug. He would go well with my elephant collection. Is there perhaps an elephant in your future?

lesthook said...

I won! I am so happy! I have sent you my info. 20 years ago we had a small woods fire and they bulldozed some trees. My hubby came in with 2 little raccoons that didn't have their eyes open yet. I hand raised them and later we let them go back to the woods. They were really something!

Kathy L said...

After you take care of the racoons come to my place and take care of the rabbits. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

What a cute rhino, love it. Thanks for the chance to win him.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

manos de chicureo said...

I would be happy if I could win this rinoceronte (in my language). Thank you for the chance. I live in Santiago, Chile. Can I participate?
I found your blog some time ago and loved your work and techniques. Congratulations.


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