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Sep 1, 2012

Tea Time Teapots - BOM - Block#2

The next block is a cute little teapot that reminds me of the winters with my grandma.
Enjoy this one.

Remember there's a LINK or two on this post and one on my Sidebar.
And I love it when you leave a comment.
 It's time for another Give Away. Here's how it works. If you have my Tea Time button on your blog's sidebar and mention that in your comment, it's one chance. If you happen to be a "FOLLOWER" and mention that in the same comment, as well, that two chances.
Remember, this is an honor system give away, so please play fair!!
What's up for grabs, you ask?????

Well, let's see......

This soft back book is about 45 pages of wonderful and quick projects such as making quick pillows, bags, and table toppers.
Also, included in this give-away are twelve 12 inch squares of some of my favorite fabrics (color green, BTW). Oh, they are so tempting. Take a look...
Just imagine what you could do with those babies!!! 

OMG! I just noticed that this is slightly over my 1000th post. Can you believe it because I sure can't!!!!!
How in the world did I do it....LOL

Good luck, in advance, to those who are participating!!


Doniene said...

Rhonda, this is a CUTE teapot!!! Wow, a month has gone by - need to finish up my other one too!!

Of course I have your teapot button and of course I am a follower - how else would I get my artistic fix!! LOL

Lovely, lovely green fabric - thanks for the chance!!


* said...

I am really loving your teapots. I have the first one done and will be working on the second one this week. I plan to hang it in my dining room, once it becomes a quilt, of course. I am a follower through Bloglovin.

Sally said...

I have the teapot button on my blog and I've been a follower for a long time! Love the tea pot--thanks!

Margie said...

Am loving the teapots and want to Thank You for doing it. I have been a follower for some time now and also but the button on my blog. Thanks

JustCindy said...

I have your button on my blog and I HAVE to follow you. I can't wait to get the fabrics pulled for this teapot and get it applique'd.

Texas JennyWren said...

Congrats on your 1000th blog post!! I am a follower of your blog. Thanks for a chance to win the blog candy!!

Fiesta said...

You know I follow your blog Rhonda. Thank you o much for the chance.

Anonymous said...

I don't put a lot of project buttons on my sidebar, but I do have a special blog for Blocks of the Month ... or week, or whatever. Sorry I missed the buggy one! This one is on my applique page, though. I also sent an e-mail to the yahoo list of about 1000 quilters who keep up with things by way of my blog. Love the teapots!


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