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Aug 31, 2012

Diagonal String

As usual, we quilters seem to have an abundance of strips of fabric lying around. There are always wonderful designs out there to use them up. I chose to use mine in a nine by twelve diagonal string project.

 One block
 In the above 4 blocks, you can begin to see what an interesting design that is developing.
And here you can begin to see the lattice effect.
I think I'll make about 24 to 30 blocks which will put a dent in all those strips hopefully!


Fiesta said...

Looks great Rhonda. I never thought about stitching them on the diagonal.

Gene Black said...

Ah fun...you didn't make the blocks square but rectangular! I love it.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Are you piecing onto a foundation or just 'winging it' and then trimming to size?

Anonymous said...

are you using used dryer sheets? ♥

Nifty Quilts said...

Looks great! I like the oblong block and the diamond shapes it makes.

Sandra :) said...

Yes - definitely my favourite block, and your colours are so rich and luscious :) I've made rectangle blocks (on dryer sheets) before - they were used for cage quilts for a local shelter :) Your strip pile won't shrink though, no matter how many blocks you make - that's the best thing about scraps - they self-regulate their population, LOLLLLLLLL!

P. said...

Ooh, pretty effect with the diamond shapes and the consistent center strip!

Sheila said...

I love your rectangle string blocks!

JustCindy said...

I love your blocks!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Beautiful fabrics!!

free indeed said...

Love it with the white strip! I made two quilts with this method; one with red center lattice one with blue. They were for my daughter and her best friend for their HS graduation. I love string quilts!

Merilyn said...

I'm loving the rich tones in your string blocks, very nice!!!


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