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Apr 16, 2012

Template Difficutlies on Design Wall Monday

Make sure you pop over to Judy's Blog to see what everyone else is up to.

First template.... Template A...... I'm thinking something to do with the "Y" seam should do the trick......... let's see...... Mine you, I'm really not that good at developing my own template but how hard could it be???

"Y" seams are great if you want a less scrappy look but I figured out very quickly that that method was not for me...........LOL

Plan B........ new templates for a more scrappy look...... let's see.

Pick out several fabrics from the old stash and cut using the Plan B templates.

Stack kites and templates in the order you wish to sew.

Notice the sewing method I'm using above which is sewing the one side, pressing it, then sewing the second template and pressing it.

I'm happy with this look!! 

Love the scrappiness of this block and my basket of scraps is dwindling..... I think.  
I will make a PDF of Template B if anyone is interested..... just leave a comment expressing that or any comments about what you think so far would be very welcomed.
Stay tuned for more later on in the week.


JustCindy said...

I love the block.

Sue Daurio said...

Gorgeous block!! I agree those Y seams drive me insane, love your scrappy look much better.

Chris said...

Quite a complex block. The results are wonderful.

Brenda said...

This is great. Please check out the string quilts we're making at a group blog over at http://stringthingalong.blogspot.com. I'd love to have you post this over there. If you're interested, email me and I'll send you an invitation.

carol fun said...

LOVE the block! I think I have that kite shaped template in my stash. Gotta go look for it. Thanks for the inspiration.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Very nice block and love the scrappy sides all around.
Like the family photos on your right side bar too. :)

Merilyn said...

Great solution to a tricky problem!! Your blocks are turning out beautifully, I love the finished block - great ruler too, where did you get it?!!

Teaquilts said...

You're probably done with it by now, but love this scrappy quilt in progress.


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