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Feb 2, 2012

When Nature Calls - Block #7 & Banner

This is the last outhouse (#7) of the quilt. This was such a great block but now I need your feedback. The rest of the quilt consists of various trees of which I have designs. Is anyone interested in me posting PDFs for the trees? If so, please leave your comment stating that or even if you aren't interested, I'd love to hear about what you thought about this BOM.
A different view.
Here's a reminder of what my original quilt looks like.

I used a fabric that had bark-like images on it, cut what I wanted from the pieced and fused  most of that to my background fabric. I arranged my lettering on top of that, lifted some of the bark up to place parts of the letters underneath and pressed everything. I'm also including the "wording" in PDF for you all.
Again, this BOM was so much fun that I made another set of blocks as I developed the pattern. If you are interested in tree patterns, let me know in your comments. I read everyone and will happily develop the trees for you.


Barb said...

This is sooooooooooooooooo amazing, I love it. Brings back alot of memories....I would go to the bathroom under a tree with chickens running around than have to use the outhouse...HA@@@

Sandra :) said...

I can almost smell something wafting in the air - that quilt and those blocks are a HOOT!!!

Sandra said...

Please post the trees as well.

Pat said...

I'm telling you ....you should really be having this pattern be sold. I'm sure it would be very popular. You did a wonderful job designing this!

Margie said...

Please do the trees too if it's not to much to ask. I am a person who has to have a pattern or very good instructions. Thanks!!

Ps---don't forget the roll of TP!!!

Betty C said...

This is my third attempt to make a comment. My luck, they will all three show up and people will wonder about me! LOL. I think the trees are awesome and I would love the patterns for them. I am making this quilt and will send pictures when I am done.
I have fallen behind ("behind", LOL) but I will get this completed.

Guilitta said...

I love your boms. You are a very good designer. Thank you very much for sharing your pattern. I also would love to have the trees. Please could you post them??

Greeting Guilitta from Germany

Winona said...

I love this last block. It sure brings back memories for me. I would love it if you posted the trees too. I haven't started on this quilt yet, but have a special tote that I am keeping all of the printed off block patterns in, along with any fabric that I think I might use. I still plan to make it, someday. Thank you for all the hard work you have done on this and sharing it with all of us.

Gari said...

These have been so much fun and YES, please post the trees. One of the reasons I do the wonderful BOMs people share is that I have no artistic talent and need all the help I can get. How was that? Did it move you? Good!

Colleen said...

I am just loving the WNC BOM and would love PDF's for the treea. I'm not talented and you are and it looks so much better with the trees
Thank you,


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