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Oct 26, 2011


I've had this idea in my head for a couple of months.  Had to do something about it.... LOL.... As you all know, I'm from Texas and as we all do, I love my state, the people, nature, the weather and even the little scary critters who often invade my yard, the back forty, come into my garage, fly by my head, have the nerve to even...... sorry..... where was I?
Oh yeah...... anyway, I found this clipart photo, thought it had potential, studied it, thought about fabrics to use and then went for it.
I went with soft colors for the most part... olive greens, butter yellow, rust, browns, with pops of color... black and white. All fabrics came from my stash. I'm so proud of myself.

 The background fabric is gray which I just love. The photo does not do it justice.

So far this block measures 20 inches square but I will probably trim it down to 18 1/2 inches.
This is what I have so far. I've got to add the acorns to the oak area next.
I plan to do some hand stitching to vein the leaves and stitch around for the circle effect. So stay tuned.


Doniene said...


Pat said...

You are INCREDIBLE with this kind of quilt designing! I'd never be able to do something like that...but you make it sound easy!!! HA....sure......easy as pie!

Merilyn said...

My goodness!! that is awesome Rhonda! To see a crest like that and then attempt to make it out of fabric.....hats off to you girl!!!! I just love what you have achieved so far!!! Amazing!!!!

Barb said...

Are you good or what????

Kathy said...

Yep, The ole girl is AMAZING! Rhonda, my friend, you NEVER cease to amaze me!!!!

Gene Black said...

You never cease to amaze us.


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