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Sep 6, 2011

To Each His Own with......

To each his own with a little common sense......
If you're wondering what's up with this post, I'll explain. I live in Texas which is under a severe draught, meaning there has been little to no rain all summer (3 months). This means it's very, very, very dry here, the grass is brown, trees are suffering, flowers... what flowers! You get the picture. To top it all off we've had a lot of fires... very devastating but what is more, several of them have been started from someone pitching their cigarette butts out of their car windows..... which brings me to my little rant.

I have nothing against smokers and before you say, "Yea right!" My dad was a chain smokers so I've been exposed to smoke. I'm okay with that, I don't smoke myself but as I said, "To each his own." The problem I have is that if you're smoking in your car and don't use the ashtray, oh dear, what's up with that? Some of my friends have said that they have "stuff" in their ashtrays (keys, change, lipstick, etc.).... Okay, I'm not understanding that but that's just me. However, it is very careless of someone to pitch a still lit butt out of the car window, especially in TEXAS right now (I'm saying that because I live in Texas but I'm sure other draught riddled states would appreciate it as well). Please think about what you are doing with those butts.
Our firefighters place their lives on the line for us everyday but I'm just disturbed that something so careless as pitching a cigarette butt out of a car window can lead to so much destruction and death.
I didn't post this to offend anyone but just to remind all of us, please be aware.


Patty said...

Hear, hear!

Gene Black said...

I have to agree with you. I have had a lit butt come inside my car from the car ahead of me. Throwing out lit butts is dangerous at ANY time

Sandra :) said...

If even ONE person reads that and decides not to throw out a lit butt, imagine the difference it could make! I quit smoking 8 years ago but I'm just as guilty as the next person for having thrown my butts away indiscriminately - it really was what most of us did (or do, sadly) - we just didn't think, and were selfish. Now I know better from a "don't litter" and "nobody else wants your stinky butts!" aspect, but I think that the word definitely needs to get out there more than it is - I suspect most people would immediately stop if they were told how dangerous/annoying it is!

/Sandra hops off of the soap box and applauds Rhonda for her eye opening post!

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

I live in Australia where we suffer terrible "bush" (forest)fires every summer. On so many occasions lit cigarette butts tossed out of cars are the culprit, loss of wildlife, on occasion tragically human life as well. People just don't think. If your post stops just one person from doing this, well done you!

Stitchin' time said...

Another Australian 'butt out' supporter here and one who has had to re-fence sections of the farm when a fire started by a tossed cigarette butt ripped through about 20 square kilometres (12 miles) of grazing land and bush in our area years ago.

Merilyn said...

I have to agree with the other Aussies who have left comments. We live on the dryest continent in the world and people can be very careless indeed. I have been watching the terrible fires in Texas on the news and it reminds me of the devestating fires that ripped through several states here a few years ago. If people smoke then at least dispose of butts with a little thought!!!

Joanne Lendaro said...

I read this the day you wrote it, and immediately thought of the time someone threw a lit cigeratte in my car. Burned a hole in the seat, needless to say I was honked off. To think about all of the damage just one flame can do....and it really is senseless.

hope you are doing okay!


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