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Aug 5, 2011

By Degrees

If you haven't seen Menopause the Musical, please seek it out.  You will definitely enjoy it and your tummy will ache for days from laughing so hard.  That said.....
It's hot here in central Texas.....  105F by five PM..... and I'm menopausal..... yes, I said it. You know, what women call the change of life ...... It's a change alright..... and this heat is not helping one bit. The ground is so dry that even the lizards don't want to crawl over it.
As we say here in Texas, I'm thinking of taking a dip in the "tank"..... translation, the big pond.
Stay cool and keep hydrated everyone.


Doniene said...

Do you still have water in the "tank"? Ours has been dry for 3 months!! It is so dry and cracked the turtles left, the fish died and the lizards don't visit!


P.S. This heat sure don't help our "personal summers" does it!!?

Gene Black said...

It is too flippin' hot!

Sandra :) said...

I complain a lot about the cold weather in winter, but I hate the heat of summer even more. When we have a spell of high temps I hunker down and hibernate in my nice cool (sometimes downright COLD!) basement and wait impatiently for the weather to get a little less furnace-like. I don't think our heat is anywhere near the level of yours, so I feel for you - YIKES!

Barb said...

Hope you get soe rain soon!!!


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