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May 5, 2010

Sewing Rituals

Ryan (follow this link to visit his blog) posed a question last week. It was simply, "Do you sew with your shoes on or off?" We had to vote one way or the other but from that question and his in depth post on his morning rituals, it got me thinking about what we do during a sewing session. I mean think about it....we all have our little quirks....for instance.......

I sew with socks or barefoot 98% of the time...winter, very cold weather, I've got my shoes on;
I have the TV on for background noise, no idea what's going on; if I have the music on, now that's a really good sewing session with lots of movement.....LOL;
When sewing, I rarely lift my presser foot....there's always a scrap of fabric to sew onto then I clip my threads;
After nearly each cut, I close the rotary cutter (a very good habit); I use my canned air often to clean my sewing machine (don't want those giant blobs of dust stuck in my machine); I keep a waste basket beside my sewing area for clippings and loose threads.
My lint roller is also very close at hand (because most of the threads wind up on me...hummmm);
I have several cans of spray starch handy along with a squirk bottle of water; I use short blade scissors for clipping threads, Fiska scissors for cutting chunks of fabrics and I never use my Ghinger scissors for any reason and won't allow anyone to touch them......LOL.......
I write my name on everything....that's right, EVERYTHING....because because when on retreat, it's hard to keep up with my things what with all the fun, laughter and sewing...so when it's time to leave, it's easy to gather what has my name on it.....rulers, rotary cutters, pin box, cutting mats and even my sewing machine.
About every couple of projects or so, I have to clean-up my sewing area.......it's like a great explosion occured.
Let me hear about some of your rituals (disorders).


Pat said...

I sew barefooted or with socks...VERY rarely with a thin slipper (if it's super cold weather). I am bad about using "ender" and "leader" pieces and only use them if I am starting to sew something that has a point (such as a triangle). I do most definitely close the rotary cutter after every cut.....even though sometimes I am using it again immediately and COULD have left it open for myself. I don't have a lint roller near the machine...but should (good idea, Rhonda). I have a small pair of scissors near the machine and that is for cutting threads. I, too, label anything that would ever go out of the house with me to class, retreat, guild, etc. Oh...I am SO bad about doing a really good cleaning up of my sewing area....only do it when it gets HORRENDOUS (and it DOES get that way a few times a year).

Kim West said...

I posted my list on my blog: http://peachquilting.com/2010/05/05/sewing-rituals/

Susan Being Snippy said...

I sew at 4am... rarely do I sew in the afternoon as I have put in a full day, by noon... I always wear shoes -- diabetes and no feeling in my feet -- I once embedded a needle between two toes and didn't notice until the evening when I did a foot check! had to pull the needle out with Needle Nose Pliers! I try to enlist my hubby on "clean-up" day - I sit in my chair and he does the bend and lifting, sweeping and reaching -- sometimes it's handy having a man around... I listen to music when I sew, sometimes the same 5 cds for a month over and over and over -- Great Big Sea and Harry Connick and similar...

Patty said...

I sew barefoot or with socks on during winter. I always try to close my rotary cutter ( sometimes I'm careless). I usually have a small pair of scissors near my sewing machine, and a seam ripper. I have a waste basket near me as well, sometimes I'll pile my loose thread in a ball near my machine, weird, I know. I listen to music all kinds, country,rock, blues, Irish,folk... I also sing along with the music :^)other times I listen to audio books. My dream is to stay completely organized while sewing but more often than not it looks like a small explosion has happened in my sewing room.


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