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Apr 21, 2010

Couldn't Find a Thing Until.......

You know how it is........you're searching for that certain fabric you bought last week for that special project......where is it? That was me yesterday..........I got so frustrated, couldn't find it anywhere.  So, you know what I had to do.....take everything from the storage shelves, refold, iron smooth,  restack and ...........TaaaaDaaa........I felt alot better........however.....I still didn't find that elusive fabric......I'm beginning to think that I might have put in a place where I should have put something else.....like the freezer or the medicine cabinet or where I keep the phone books......LOL
Has anyone ever done something like that?  I'd love to hear your stories.


kheli said...

I recently left my husband's cell phone on the shelf of our coat rack in the stairwell going to the basement. Didn't realize it was missing until Monday morning when he was trying to find it to leave for work. Of course, we called it and listened for the distinctive ring (the alma mater from his university). I don't even remember why I laid it there!
I also clean, straighten and fold when I am looking for something. I often find things I had forgotten, like 2 copies of the same book. LOL. Our brains are like computer drives: there is a limit to how much info they can store and the more data they have, the harder it is to access it and the slower our processors work!

Heidi said...

Oh yes I know how it is! Quilt patterns tucked in a cook book, a fat quarter playing place holder in a novel, pins in a Tupperware box that somehow ended up back in the kitchen. After spending too much time looking for a specific block or pattern or buying yet another book, while I find out I already have a pattern, I decided to get a computer program to catalog all my craft books and magazines to prevent buying duplicate patterns, books or magazines.
With fabric, I have that same feeling of " I think I've seen that somewhere" and like you, start digging around, folding and refolding, and if lucky, not only finding the fabric in question, but re-discovering old ones. that's the fun part: it's like shopping in your own home, and at least the closet is nice and tidy....;-))

Tissy said...


I just got back to your page this week, I've been busy with other things but I know how you feel. At least you have all of yours in neat rows. Try having to go up to the attic everytime you've misplaced something. (Awful!!!) By the way, I finally got to see your snake!! And I thought I had it bad, looks like you're ready for him though...can I hire you??


Pat said...

Of course, just like forgetting where a certain fabric is, I cannot remember specific stories, BUT...I know I have done that...put something in a place where something ELSE belongs! You surely are not alone in this!

Needled Mom said...

The stash looks fabulous now!!!! Yes, I have done it way too many time. Most recently, I have place my i-touch somewhere and I have looked for it for 2 weeks now. All I remember is thinking this is NOT a good place to leave this. Obviously, it wasn't.

JustCindy said...

What drives me nuts is pulling fabric for a project, ironing it and when it is time to cut/fuse the fabric has vanished. I think there are fabric thieves under my bed.

Patty said...

yes I have. took me days to find it and only then by accident, I was looking for something else.

Quilter Kathy said...

I hate when that happens! Wait...I think I see my fabric on your shelf there! Actually I think that whole second shelf is mine :) LOL

Pharr Out Quilts said...

I have two large metal shelves with fabric. I love to go and redo it all. My daughter askes me all the time why I need more fabric when I have so much. I tell her she just don't understand what a quilter is.

Pharr Out Quilts said...

For some reason I missed block 12 of the boot bash. Does anyone have it? Please send me a copy.


Nancy said...

I know you wrote this post years ago but it showed on as an option offered by your LinkWithin linky.

I do this kind of thing way too often. I put things away where I just know I'll need them next and know I'll remember that. Then I need them and I search and search. When I finally find the item I remember putting it there. I tell myself "I'm better than I thought I was" for putting it away in the first place - except it takes me ages to find it. I should stick with being worse than I think I am! Ha!

Your fabrics look beautiful on your shelves. Love those creams, tans, browns, and betweens.


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