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Mar 15, 2010

In The Meantime.......Flowery Florals

Taking a break from the "Band" quilt because all the students are on Spring Break, I decided to do a little cleaning and clears out of my stash..........when I found the above............oh dear!

This is one of those long term projects.....you know what I mean.....one that's been in a box for years...months.....you run across it, open it up.......oh yea, I remember that.....better start working on it.......again.............that's the one I'll refering to. Two of the bottom blocks you may recognize from the book I'm featuring on my sidebar ( Shadow Applique` ). I'm planning on making several more blocks..........more of the horizonal design.....I really don't have a specific size for the quilt which is kind of exciting. And I hope that I can make some headway towards finishing this baby before it finds it's way back into that box.


Vicki said...

I love all your embroidery work. It makes me want to get back to mine! LOL. Your work is sure beautiful! What machine do you use to do it?

paula, the quilter said...

How fun -- and such diverse blocks.

Fiesta said...

Rhonda, all those blocks look so good together,. I hope you do get inspired to make them into a stunning quilt

Pat said...

What a GREAT collection of blocks!!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

You are so talented.. I wish I new how to do needel work.

Anonymous said...

Oh these are far too beautiful to sit in a box any longer - what a gorgeous quilt this will be xxx

prashant said...

Your work is sure beautiful!
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Susan Being Snippy said...

Thanks for stopping in at my blog! and I am returning the visit -- I am totally enjoying reading back through your posts, amazing work!

Kristie said...

Those blocks are beatuiful! Your applique looks great! Can't wait to see how this quilt turns out!


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