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Mar 20, 2010

Band Quilt Blocks Done

These are the last blocks for the band quilt.....next I'll be going to the school so that the kids can decide what goes where!  One of the "band boosters" has asked that the students be able to sign the quilt somewhere.......do not panic.....I'm thinking.........lol........I mind seized on an idea.........on the backing............don't laugh.....this is a great idea.........I will provide a 4" by 80" stirp of muslin (which will run the length of the quilt) for the kids to sign in Pigma Pen!


JustCindy said...

I love these block also. Great idea for the signatures.

Fiesta said...

sounds great Rhonda

Pat said...

I love these two blocks, also. I did have a quick second of panic about the signatures. Oh, yes.....the BACK is better........NOT the front!!! LOL (Actually, if I were an alumni and wanting that quilt, I'd prefer signatures of as many school principals and former principals and current/former teachers as possible and NOT current students, but others may not feel the same way, and...I realize, it might be someone who is NOT an alumni who gets the quilt eventually.)

Kathy said...

Rhonda, this is going to be such an awesome quilt! I AGREE -- signatures on the BACK. I like Pat's idea of the alumni, former teachers signature.

I want to see this quilt IN PERSON when you get it done.

Patty said...

really cool quilt. I made several memoriy quilt for friends who have retired from teaching over the past few years a couple of them had signatures on the back, they are all treasured.


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