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Mar 13, 2010

The Band Part 4

The band quilt is coming along.......with just a few more block before I'm satisfied that it's big enough.........my good friend, Pat had some great suggestions about adding school sports blocks and Cindy, another wonderful blogger friend said go for it.......so, of course.....I did!!!   I'm going to place strips of some color when sewing the quilt together but that's a surprise on the fabric.

Here's a thought....since this quilt will be raffled off or tickets purchased, maybe I should get the Homemaking department at the school to help with final placement of the blocks.....that way the kids would have a part in the making of the quilt and maybe generate more interest.......what do you think???


Kathy said...

Rhonda! It looks Great!!!! YOu just never cease to amaze me. I like the idea of the students helping with the placement of the blocks. Give them some ownership in the quilt and they will be more likely to help promote it and sell the raffle tickets.

Great Job!! Can't wait to see the final product.

JustCindy said...

Wonderful idea getting the students to help decide the placement of the blocks. The blocks just keep getting better, if that is possible. I just love this quilt.

Sweet P said...

Wow! What an awesome quilt! I think letting the students help with the placement of the blocks is an excellent idea.

Pat said...

Oh, yes....DO have the students help with the block placement so they will feel a true "connection" to this quilt and want to help sell tickets for it. It is looking great, Rhonda!!! By the way, I keep forgetting to say that I LOVE your very pretty spring header on the blog now.

G'G'ma said...

Oh, my, that is awesome. I'll bet you are having fun with this quilt. I agree with everyone else to have the students help with the block placement.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else, have the the students help, but what about the students in band??? My step-daughter isn't much for the "home arts" , but she does play the cello, and is in the marching band at school. I believe she would lend a hand in something like this.


*karendianne. said...

I am so taken with this artfully created piece. Just amazing to see your talent. Is that a trumpet I see? Fabulous idea to include Homemaking department in the process of final placement, friend. gosh! That's a wunnerful thing to do.

prashant said...

Great Job!! Can't wait to see the final product.
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Quilter Kathy said...

Great idea to get some feedback from the students!
Love the blocks so far!


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