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Feb 15, 2010

Angel Whimsey

I've been working on this little project for several  months, thinking that if I ironed out the kinks....LOL.....I would make the parts for the angels into  PDFs to share with everyone.  I must admit, I am not that computer savvy.....usually it takes me forever to upload a movie let alone turn a doc. file into a PDF. 
I've been experiments with different stitches on my Janome....I was going for the feathery effect  when stitching down the angel parts, but I'm not sure I like the look.  It looks uneven or something....What do you think? I really need feedback.
Note the different shapes and colors of the wings and hair.
My thoughts ran in the direction of Angels of the Month with a splash
of attitude. I wanted each Angel to have her own personality.
I decided not to place faces on the Angels....thinking that I could use my imagination. I, also, varied the sleeves of each angel.  I did want some uniformity, thus the white robes and golden yellow halos.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in my angel designs and would like to take this journey with me, let me hear from you?

Your feedback is very important. 
Since I've been blogging, I've learned alot from everyone and appreciate all your help.


Pat said...

I like the way all the angels look. Now......I seem only to COLLECT BOM patterns but rarely do them...kind of the same way I collect patterns and books and about 75% of my stash!!! LOL I'm sure, though, that anyone who reads your blog and DOES follow-through on making BOM's (like Molly??) would do well with these angels.

Fiesta said...

Rhonda they look great to me. As usual you have just outdone yourself,.

Debbie said...

I LOVE these angels and they would be great for a block of the month......


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