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Aug 20, 2009

1 or l

Who knew.....look carefully 1 or l .............if you're wondering what wrong here, I'll enlighten you. I've been unsuccessfully trying to load my "new" wireless printer to my computer......should be simple says my good friend, Kathy. I've had the thing for a month and each day that I've tried to load it......all kinds of things happen, none of which is the loading of the printer. It asked for a encryption key thingy.......excuse me if I had no idea what that was....LOL....anywhoooooo, I did locate a sheet of paper with all that info on it and immediately remembered the salesman saying that I should never lose that sheet of paper.............after having a glass of wine yesterday (large), I decided to give it one more try and "bingo" wouldn't you know but it loaded without a hitch. I really don't think this was "human" error (mine). I think it was the fact that alot of the FONTS are very confusing. The number "1" looks alot like the letter "l", don' you think?


G'G'ma said...

I certainly do agree. Maybe because the first was 1 ,I saw the next a 1 also! Duh.Oh, how our eyes can deceive us.

Gene Black said...

I completely agree. Sometimes the "word verification" on blogs and other websites is like that too. Drives me bonkers!

Gina said...

Everything is always alot clearer after a large glass of wine I find. LOL

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

Oh...I agree.......these things can be so frustrating!!! I'm glad you got it figured out now. (I think it WAS the wine that made it clearer!!!)

Holly said...

You poor thing. That is awful. Maybe we should have a glass of wine every time we have to deal with electronics.


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