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Apr 1, 2009

April Give-Away

Oh boy.......it's time for my next embroidery give-away. Lookie what's on display for one lucky winner. Six Veggies in "Blue-work." Disregard the blue fabric that appears between the 6 1/2" blocks...........don't even ask what was happening there. Whoever wins will get those bites of fabrics, by the way. Now, for the rules...........Remember, you must be one of my wonderful FOLLOWERS to participate and you must leave a comment on this particular post. If you stumble upon this give-away and you aren't a follower.....just become one and leave a comment. I'm giving away my embroidery experiments all year, so there's plenty of time to win. Thank goodness it's getting warmer so that when I do the drawing on April 8th, I won't have to worry about any cold weather as I'm walking over to my neighbor's, into his pasture with all those huge cows, flies, cow patties, snakes.............huuummmmmmmmm........I'll just ask my mom to draw a name. My wonderful friend, Holly sent this cute kitty postcard. I don't know if you can see but she wrote with her machine "meow".......totally cool. Thanks Holly.


Gene Black said...

love the kitties postcard!

Pat said...

CUTE kitties card...and the veggie stitcheries are TERRIFIC! Keep up the good work for all of us, your lucky followers! :)

holly said...

I am glad you like the postcard. It is so much fun experimenting with free motion quilting. Love the blocks you made. Would be great in a kitchen wall hanging. Count me in.Your so generous.

Jurra said...

Hi Rhonda.. i really love the veggies...Trying out my luck again.. I really love your work!

G'G'ma said...

Now that is the smart thing to do........asking your Mom to do the drawing I mean. Sure hate to think of you dodging those cow patties!

Love all your quilts.

Dionne said...

Wow! You sure have gotton a lot done on retreat! LOVE the veggie squares!


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