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Feb 9, 2009

Part 2 of A Big Adventure

I'm going at this story backwards because it's easier. This is a story that only a "wacky" woman or women could get herself/themselves into. Jerri and I wound up at a great quilt store in San Antonio. Memories by the Yard 8015 Mainland San Antonio, TX 7250 http://www.memoriesbytheyard.com/ The people there were very friendly as are most people in the quilting world. Jerri and I relieved them of some of their fabric......LOL The story behind these pics is that we had circled San Antonio at least twice the day before. Anyway, this quilt shop had great displays of their quilts, BOTM patters and examples of them and bolts of fabrics. They even had decor fabrics for furniture. Jerri and I spent about an hour shopping and laughing with everyone before getting on the road back home. We give "Memories by the Yard" 2 thumbs up! If you curiosity is piqued, I'll fill you in. Jerri & I decided to stop in Austin to grab a bite to eat before going the last leg of our trip home. We both agreed on Chinese food. Austin's a college town with loads of places to eat plus we had the GPS thingy to guide us. Piece of cake you would think. We programmed in our destination and drove to the voice of "Maddie's" voice.....Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, we named the GPS Madeline, Maddie for short........Now where was I? When we arrived......no restaurant........Alrighty then.....maybe the place went out of business......next place all programmed in, & off we go with "Maddie" telling us turn by turn. We arrive near an iHop restaurant, but this time we are prepared. Jerri calls the phone number given and explains that we are lost and need extra directions. I'm listening from our end when Jerri says, "Yes, we're right beside the iHop," a pause, "the iHop," pause, "Yes, I said the iHop, iHop!" I'm now thinking Jerri is having a meltdown but hold my peace when she says, "Yes, we're at the iHop in Austin! Where are you?" pause...."Round Rock, well &^%&()!~!" We are now thinking that "Maddie" is out to get us. Long story short, after attempting 2 more places, we wound up somewhere hear I35 and by golly we had Chinese!


Pat said...

I know a lot of folks swear by their GPS units...my husband got one and I hate it. We have had errors AND the voice annoys the *@#* out of me!!! The rule now is...in MY car, we do things the old-fashioned way and the GPS is only used when we are in his car!

Dionne said...

That quilt shop looks great! I'm sure glad you relieved them of some of their fabric!!
PS - I'm glad you finally got your chinese food!

Dana said...

How funny! My son gave his GPS voice a name, too! Can't remember what it is, but he thinks her voice is....."sexy"! If I ever get a GPS I want a sexy man voice! But "they" say women are better at directions, don't "they"? Oh dear, maybe I'd better get a woman voice! Well, I probably won't get one any time soon, anyway! LOL!

Gene Black said...

I like my GPS but I don't like the voice. So I call her the GPS ---well it sounds like mitch...but different!

She doesn't always take me where I want to go either. but most of the time she helps me find my way.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Rhonda you blog is just simply sweet!
I am loveing getting to know moeaout you threw your stories..

Sharon said...

Oh I don't like my husband's GPS either.

He needs one because "Men won't ask for directions".

But I do like Chinese. Was the food worth it? :)


Anne Marie said...

You gals sound like you had a fun day despite Maddie having a meltdown LOL!!!! Cheers!

Marie said...

I love reading of your adventures. At least you did find a quilt shop and finally some Chinnese.Love to read your blog my friend. Hugs, Marie

The Calico Cat said...

You stuck to "getting Chinese" way longer that I would have. (I would have had iHop...)


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