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Feb 5, 2009

Memories & Postcards

Today is February 5th and it was my brother's birthday. I will never forget him and wanted to post about my memories. So I've linked to my last year's post to honor his memory. I was recently involved with 3 CaringBridge folks who touched my heart deeply. CaringBridge is a link that allows families to post daily journals about their ill loved ones. I was especially touched by a family whose 6 yrs. old who passed away from a terrible cancer. The little boy was here only for a brief time but he managed even in his illness, to reach out to others. He reminded me so much of my brother. I'm sure that there were times when the 6 yr. old was in pain, afraid and tired of all the procedures and needles but he never stopped fighting or trying to reassure his parents and other patients around him.
His parents and family are now going through the grieving process and my heart is right in there with them. Their son reminded me that I really have "nothing" to complain about or worry about in my good health.
I salute those brave child patients who, in their small mines, know what's important. Love! So, I'm passing what's important on to my fellow bloggers. Love one another, care for your fellow human being.

I have gotten behind in posting the postcards that I've received. So I'm doing some catch-up.
First, I received a great fur tree from Marie. Thank you, girlfriend. Marie & I have become great friends and try to encourage one another to get busy......LOL
Next up is a snazzy sparkly postcard from Vicki. She did some fancy thread work which doesn't show up & I know you can't see the sparkles but trust me they're there. I love sparkles. Thanks Vicki.
Finally, my good friend Carol did some paper-piecing to frame the cute angel kitty. Hope you doing well Carol. Thank you so much.
My postcard to all the group are on their way or already made it. Love you all and I'll try to do better with posting the pics.


Kathy said...

Rhonda, Love those postcards. I'm so glad you do swapping so those other Wackies will not give "just me" a hard time -- LOL!

I know today is a sad day for you. It is so wonderful that you have some great memories of your brother.

Pat said...

I follow a lot of Caring Bridge and CarePage families (long story of how I got started) and I totally understand what you are saying. It's nice that you take the time to remember your brother each year like this. And...on a happier note, the postcards are really neat!

Dana said...

God bless you, Rhonda. You are so special to me! Love you lots & lots!

DaBookLady said...

thank you Phonda for the early pretty Valentine PC I love it.. :)

tipper said...

Wonderful that you celebrate your Brother's life-and that the family of the young cancer victim is too.

The postcards are just lovely!

Anne Marie said...

What a lovely tribute to your brother, my thoughts are with you.

Julie said...

I know what you mean. It is amazing how brave these little ones can be. It really tugs at your heartstrings and makes you thankful for the health that you take for granted.


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