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Jan 1, 2009


Shhhhh! Alrighty then. I cooked 2 pies for New Year's day. An apple pie and a pecan pie. The apple pie is for whoever drops by but the pecan pie is for me. Yes, I said it.......for me. I absolutely love pecan pie, especially the hot, gooey pecans after they've cooked so long. The taste is indescribable. See how happy I look knowing that as soon as I post, I'll cut myself a large slice and savoy it. I don't cook these very often and as you can imagine, if I did, I'd weigh a ton....LOL.........So, let's keep this between us. The boys and their families don't have to know about it. My mom doesn't have to know, either. After all, there's still the apple pie for everyone else.


Marie said...

I'm with you , there is nothing like pecan pie!! Hugs. Marie

Sharon said...

mmmm Your secret is safe with me. . .I won't tell anyone, just share the apple with me lol!

Really delicious looking pie Rhonda ;)


Pat said...

Heck...we gals have to do this sometimes or we never get the GOOD stuff...everyone else then eats it and just leaves crumbs for us. Your secret is safe with us....but I hope the family doesn't read your blog. LOL

lani said...

Why do we live so far apart im droollllllling ....god bless

Brenda said...

Way to go Rhonda! You deserve a special treat just for yourself. Kevin would be drooling over the pecan pie, someday I must make him one. I am thrilled that you chose to join the postcard swap and continue for this year. I wish you the best for this year!

Candace said...

I'm not an apple pie person, but that pecan pie looks wonderful. I'm sure you are enjoying it thoroughly. I hope that you have either a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream to enjoy with it. A must in my opinion.

Julie said...

Yummy, maybe I will bake a pecan pie for myself!

PunkiePie said...

Enjoy your pie! I'm trying to clean out the house of all the goodies from Christmas.... one bite at a time. Almost done. LOL.

Happy New Year!

Anne Marie said...

Yum yum, come to mama!!! I love Pecan Pie with fresh whipped cream, I even brought back a nice big bag of pecans from the US so that I can make a pie for myself on my birthday in January. If I don't do it for myself no one else will, and your secret is safe with me!!!LOL

Kim said...

First off Happy New Years to you also :)
Secondly you're making a pie for yourself is like me making cookies for the family and hiding about 25% because I know that they will inhale the rest and if I'm going to do the work I want some of the goodies too!

Tipper said...

Nothing better than the gooeyness of a pecan pie! Hope you enjoyed it!

Solstitches said...

You're just too funny Rhonda :)
That pie looks yummy and I hope you enjoyed it.
I've never had pecan pie but I do love pecan nuts.
Happy New Year to you!



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